Country Lodge Dairy Ltd

Proprietors A K & J Simcock         Meir Park Stoke on Trent, ST3 7UZ      Company Reg No. 468647 VAT No. 368113160

Staffordshire milk for Staffordshire folks

 01782 399 880

Community Spirit

Part of a milkman’s role has always been to look out for the senior citizens within our community. I definitely still subscribe to this and I’m more than willing to put in that extra effort in looking after my senior and loyal customers.

Look out, Look out, there’s a thief about!

Because I’m up and about with the larks, I often see things that would otherwise go unnoticed. I’ve alerted the Police on numerous occasions and a number of arrests have resulted. Rest assured, if I see something amiss around your property, I’ll let the Police know immediately.

I’ve been delivering milk locally since I moved to Meir Park in 1985 and my experience with the milk industry goes back a long way, 1964 to be precise, where at the tender age of thirteen, I helped my local dairy farmer. Believe it or not, I still deliver milk to some of the people I knew when I was thirteen!

Good old fashioned values

Supermarkets are great and lets face it, we all use them whether we like them or not, but the personal touch with good old fashioned values has almost disappeared.

That’s where I feel I go that extra mile for my customers.

Not only do I offer a friendly service, but a superb range of competitively priced products too. In a lot of cases, locally sourced produce are supplied, this means we are all supporting local businesses.